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Sheri Steinke and Tedie

EFolio Overview:This site is provided as an overview of my activities, skills and experiences. EFolio provides faculty, staff, and students with the opportunity to utilize the tool for a variety of purposes. A number of campus' are using the tool for assessment and standard-based evaluations. Some links are private. Most of this site is built as an example I use in training sessions with faculty and students. You will see repeated information, just as a demonstration of the various places you can chose to place content.

I am the Director of Online Learning at Normandale Community College in Bloomington, MN. I have a fully staffed department consisting of a Faculty-oriented team of instructional design, IMS Trainer, and Instructional Technolgist positions. We offer the most online course sections in the Minnesota State College and University System. Please visit our MN Learning Commons Accessibility Site for resources on making your campus accessible!

My site is used for both the typical electronic CV and for training purposes on our campus. If you would like to get started with eFolio, the GPS LifePlan/eFolio group has videos to get you started.

Philosophy: Distance education provides an opportunity for many that would not otherwise be able to gain valuable educational experiences. For me personally, I would never have reached a Ph.D. without Online education. Flexibility, convenience, and economic reasons are important to faculty and students who are finding safe haven in the online educational setting.

Resources: At NCC, we provide a "Getting Started Teaching Online" 3 week workshop, "D2L Basics" workshop and 25 other key Online and Distance education workshops and training sessions. Contact us for your next Faculty Development Training needs. Watch for new resources and training sessions through the Chalk and Pixels newsletter. If you would like to get started with eFolio, visit the GPS LifePlan/eFolio videos. You will also find training available under my Teaching Portfolio Training Site link on this page.

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